E-Poster Success Story of the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA)

"As our partner for on-site e-poster management and displays, Das Terminal was chosen".

"1371 e-posters were presented during 130 abstract sessions".

"From our partner system Das Terminal we later learned that over 4500 posters had been shared during the conference. Valuable connections were made both within our association and externally, further growing our organization’s reach".

"At the conclusion of the conference it was clear that the attendees were left better informed and having made a number of connections while attending. Industry best-practice was reviewed and the bar for informative anesthetic conferences was once again raised".

ESTENSIS wins the 2016 IAPCO Driving Excellence Recognition Award!

Nominated by CPO Hanser, ESTENSIS wins the 2016 IAPCO Driving Excellence Recognition Award "for a consistent high quality service leaving nothing to chance and for "being a 100% reliable partner offering a personal and unique service".

"Furthermore ESTENSIS, by giving valuable consultancy in all fields of conference technology and by offering the highest standard, with state-of-the-art new and innovative presentation technology, is an inspiring example for other companies in the field".

Thank you, CPO Hanser and thank you, IAPCO!

ESGAR & ESTENSIS - 10 wonderful years!

Thank you, ESGAR!

Thank you for 10 years of your confidence and for a more than friendly cooperation! Working, travelling and solving major challenges with and for you is always wonderful! No matter if on Crete, in Istanbul, in Valencia, in Prague or in Athens.

See you soon in Greece!

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